Let us be reborn

My heart has your burden,Feel too much absorbed,Of my words, you are worden,You compel me to be honest,Compel me to speak,Whether I feel up for it or not,You show me there’s one more peak,How can upon my shoulders,Be burden of nations,I’ve tried to sing too well,Had honesty in itself been professions,prophecion, in mine,I am but […]

Promise of Truth

Pack me a pact,Bake me a back up,When heaven is my pact, promise and trust,Lies I never stack up,That promised to me,Is from which I give,All I want,Is for promise of truth to live,Only truth I take and truth I give. There’s no promise of heaven and its fulfillment without the promise of truth. And […]


Light comes, light goes, Keeps adding to faithless more woes, Keeps adding to the truth more vows, Unsurprisingly, reveals lies have all their flaws.

Individual Feels

We can’t be frank o nation, You and I, As we used to be, For it cages you, Your locks and seals, Faith is freedom, Open deals, Not just conceptual,Individual feels, Those who seeks, Always heals, On the other side, We’ll meet, And your prophet will bear witness, You’ll be at his feet, And he […]

Blessed Be

Blessed be Christans, Of engine of faith little pistons, For you the crown bearers of Truth, Holy is the maker, sweat His fruith.


Churches in the cities, Churches in the forest Churches huge, colossal and the Churches poorest Churches on the mountains with its own fountains Churches on the valleys and Church-going rallies Churches on the moon to be built very soon Churches on Mars and Churches waiting on the stars Churches in my art, all the Churches […]

Don’t sell your soul to the devil

Sell your soul to the devil to get the throne, Never will be I the prejudice, such ignorant drone. Present is the key, but future is the master, They can do all they can, but truth they can’t plaster. It’s easy to join them, those who resist, lions them, Mischief that they take for their […]

Freedom is our philosophy

it was a challenge too huge, but from liars I couldn’t find refuge, So I said to God there will be another day, untill lies of the liars are put to dismay. So I followed my instincts away from that religion, The world’s done with wars, done with division. So I said to Mecca, never […]

Cross and Praying Beads

We do not sell heaven, we sell a dream In lopsided world truth is not what it may seem It was our mistake, we forgot to own trinity An millions of miles ahead of us all the way to infinity To walk with faith is difficult, it is to walk with him To pacify faith […]

The Force of God’s Love

God see how this world is trapped, only because of your memory, my world is mapped Have mercy on them who remember you with plenty You fill empty spaces of love, push out all forces anti The hollowness you have heart of humanity so it can keep The air pressure can move down the gradient, […]