The Force of God’s Love

God see how this world is trapped,
only because of your memory, my world is mapped

Have mercy on them who remember you with plenty
You fill empty spaces of love, push out all forces anti

The hollowness you have heart of humanity so it can keep
The air pressure can move down the gradient, faith may seep

Then who God has the power to tell that who are you lord
Only your lovers can carry that flame, no one else can afford

Some levels of faith are not instilled by earning or discerning
Only God and his lovers know what it like to know the yearning

If this soul has a little power it is because I drink as think of you
Perhaps a little purpose of life is to live it and not think of you

No true lover of God is ever jealous of another saint who loves God
So complains this heart, you don’t say enough sent that loves God

Our words of God are meant to guide other lovers so they can grow
having seen this world upclose, other than God then what is to know

God only in the mirror of your given sunfaith can I see my brothers
That’s only I know that I am not alone, there are moon many others

May no brother seeking faith remain empty handed after raising hands
These words praise all those who pray to god, all those praising hands

Sometimes I feel so close my heart feels like it exploding out of emotions
This body can’t take enough of soul that gives to drink so many potions

Without loving you what is life but not the love that’s for display God
Closed is my heart but it is given, let some other heart nourish as well,
from such play God

Of all the forces should I say perhaps to you God, that there is your force
No there is no question, there is not doubt, there is only truth of course

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