What is communion?

Oh yes. Communion has evolved. I see Christans all around the world from those who pray excessively to the liberal ones, then those tackling history and shedding light on it. And then the philosophers. In a nutshel, Christanity has not only evolved, it is expanded and has become diverse. The classical priests are still doing […]

A Dance To The Music of Time

I haven’t read the books, but the titles are musical indeed. If a faith following person guy like me ever takes a 10 from an atheist, damn, that will be like taking a Nobel prize home. That alas, is a dream. But If Jesus was and sentence and twelve apostles subtitles, I’d take atheists as […]

Science Tweets

You know, every time you gotta talk about cars, you gotta thank Germany first for giving us Germs for speed and comfort. Ford revolutionized auto industry, and Tesla brought Toyota tradition home, to make cheaper, cooler cars. Let’s hit the engine of science tweets! When you put Texan trucks in Californian wheels. The new breed […]

Promise of Truth

Pack me a pact,Bake me a back up,When heaven is my pact, promise and trust,Lies I never stack up,That promised to me,Is from which I give,All I want,Is for promise of truth to live,Only truth I take and truth I give. There’s no promise of heaven and its fulfillment without the promise of truth. And […]

There is a magic in all of US

So great is his love for us that he became one of us, that was Jesus of Nazarene. There are always cool things to learn from Pope, he’s a great source of knowledge and inspirations. We are living in a grave times, praying heard. I know but, through grave times, we have lived before. It […]