Some Goodness

Perfection is the enemy of humanity, always be good with good. Good is good enough. Perfection becomes your enemy, when you settle down with the little you can do, you don’t have to worry about the most. Everything that seeks perfection or entirety ends up becoming evil. Whether its religion or even science. Science however […]

WAY: Where Are You?

WAY: Where Are You? I ask the same question you ask, just standing in a different place and a different level. Truth has no religion, we do for our choices. What does it matter, if purpose is good, good shall lead. Index is good. “Your bond with words is the most lasting one and it […]

A declaration of science

I am a firm believer, that mankind cannot be undone until mankind truly fulfills its collective purpose. I am a stern believer that finding a theory of everything, building a commercial fusion engine and becoming a multi-planetary specie is essentially a part of it. “Nothing can be undone until it fulfills its one true purpose.”


There is no better way of saying that we are humble than this. We are stardust. I hold no grudge against any religion. All religions matter, all lives matter. All black lives matter. More moderate and science-first societies, that’s where we should be heading. Equality across the gradient is a dream, equality of voices and […]


Aleph will help you prevail all your false fears. Fear not Aleph, and with Aleph, fear nothing else. Fear God, that is true, but the name of Aleph helps wash away all the fear that is undue.

Let us be reborn

My heart has your burden,Feel too much absorbed,Of my words, you are worden,You compel me to be honest,Compel me to speak,Whether I feel up for it or not,You show me there’s one more peak,How can upon my shoulders,Be burden of nations,I’ve tried to sing too well,Had honesty in itself been professions,prophecion, in mine,I am but […]

O Children of Church

O Children of Church, May faith of truthfulness fill you cups, May confusion and doubt never come near you, May all that’s vice, fear you, May all that’s love, endear you, May all the beauties live near you, May light of truth fill your cups, May love fill you, thrive you cubs, May heaven be […]