Some Goodness

Perfection is the enemy of humanity, always be good with good. Good is good enough.

Perfection becomes your enemy, when you settle down with the little you can do, you don’t have to worry about the most. Everything that seeks perfection or entirety ends up becoming evil. Whether its religion or even science. Science however is soft and tender. It makes people soft and tender.

Of faith a pilgrim, of science a Voyager, of cultures, a nomad.

You know the definition of a hero from a villains perspective will never get old, someone who gets other people hurt. Still, some of us try hoping some good comes out of it. You know, you don’t just have to say something, you must have something to say.

Science told the best with ‘All that I know is that I know nothing.’ It is interesting that we know the name of founders of all the religions, but who founded science? I don’t know. No body does. Yet, the story of science is as ancient, as evolution of human thinking itself.

The best thing about science, the most followed way of life, is that no one laid its foundation, it has no founder. Almost like along our evolution, when nature was nurturing all these species arising from monkeys, it saw one specie trying to understand and innovate things. Nature saw that that animal was doing something differently so she manifested as an angel and taught more to the evolving animal, give it a little boost. And so on every step, like a mother, she helped us evolve into what we kept becoming. More promising and prominent. We left other species way way behind. She lead us by finger on every step, but kept the missing link a secret from us. Nature never gives us something until we are ready, nor does time.

Question. Who is your God. Science I don’t know. Question. What is his name? Science. I don’t know. Question. Does God have a religion? Science. I don’t know… wait, how can God have a religion if God created humanity?

But no one’s an atheist on a ship lost in an oceans with no sails or oars. We all have a name in our hearts, that touches us the most, that we love to remember.

No religion is enemy of mankind, religious compulsion is. No religion is perfect, it doesn’t mean religions can’t work with each other.

When it comes to usefulness, science is the only way of life, that benefits humanity beyond borders of faith and countries. Science benefits us all beyond all borders. No racism, color or creed.

Have known a little magic, mystery, and mysticism. Spiritualism has a deep role in our growth, in growth of our soul. But the benefits that you can touch only come through science.

Spiritual benefits can be experienced, can’t be touched, can be shared vaguely but can’t be passed on like a clothing. Takes years of work and willingness. Benefits of science, imagine there were no trains, vehicles or airplanes. Fast is the only benefit of science, quick sharing, another one. I haven’t used a VR Headset. But to just buy or borrow one, instantly benefit from a magical experience. That’s what I love about science.

T’wakle… Providence. Then why do we have armies to protect us? Where religions bail out on us, science is still with you because when you are left alone with your thoughts, thinking is all you have. Even praying is through thinking.

In my experience, one religion bailed out on me too soon, the other it was only a matter of time. Now perhaps, both are in part with me, but I’m not the one in control. I would not like to be anymore. Yes, I still think about God and the universe, but what does it matter when all of our achievements, everything man made is pure effort and science.

The more I think about it, the more answer becomes science. It is the only thing we all have in common and it is the only thing that can save us.

Scriptures will tell you we will end here on Earth. Only science gave us the hopes of the future. Space ships and colonizing moon and Mars.

The political and geopolitical conflicts have taken true purpose of humanity so deeply out of the context, that we forget we are losing the fight to save the environment. There have been successes is because we have hopes. When we think of our generation, the egos we inherited, we forget that our children may do not have a chance to inherit the very egos that we are prioritizing now. And what do we build things for, what do we fight for if not children… The future.

Victory of ego is never true victory, in fact it is loss. Human feelings and emotions, care and concern are far more ethical and moral gains, then egos can ever be.

It is clear at this point, that nationalism will be our enemy, cause by pushing nationalist goals we’ll exhaust our working machinery. The workers, the labourers, the doctors, the teachers, and everything that is part of our chain.

These are such times that democratic or nondemocratic nations must work together to save the world from poverty, hunger, diseases and disasters… all at the same time protect wild life, greenery and meet global goals of the future.

I worry the worries I shouldn’t worry. Now that’s where providence comes in. There is always someone above you to take all your worries away. Providence, is an individual thing, it’s not a community thing.

Our challenges are so immense, every other thing has to be seconded. Leaders and their cabinets involved in affairs of conflict zones need to think with love and compassion for the people paying the price of what they didn’t choose.

We need immigration in both direction. East needs to come to west and west to east. Eastern societies wanting tourism will have to develop tolerant cultures to attract tourism. Isolated societies fall blind from global touch. The west world can’t stay packed in the west, there so much gap to fill in the east. That’s the only way to decentralized diversities instead of concentrated ones. Mind this point, it might be a very important one.

Each of us must promote against violence and misinformation. The hate is easy to seed in societies, but takes a very time to wash away. The worst thing that we can do to our people is to keep them in the dark. Secret to growth developing societies must pick from developed and modern societies. East or west, there are many model societies to follow. Unless developing world’s follow a model that is successful seeking development is a struggle sought halfheartedly. Or sought with double the energy and half the benefit.

Growth is such a need in every nation, that each nation must put nationalism later and mutual growth first, because the community that thinks of its own benefits and benefit of others, swells in success.

It’s everywhere, the forces that balance and unbalance us, those wanting change and those wanting steadiness.

Telling people that humanity will survive another thousand years isn’t a bad thing to do. Humanity was created with a purpose greater than anyone can imagine. The Great Filter is pushing our limits, so the best in us can come out. Religion prophesied a chosen one or Messiah. But science predicts and entire generation. There were things of religion I thought I was obliged to give everyone. Gave all religions their bit, so no one may feel left out.

Today, I see the best of hopes in science and scientists, and for nations all around the world and political leaders to promote science, equip scientists with tools to meet the challenges of the future. Both civil and military components have a part to play in it.

Most important of all, do not blame each other. The more blame game goes, the further we sink. Here, let me be just a little biased and advise the democratic world, do not blame each other. This bias because whether people make best choices for themselves or they must be controlled? In their natural tone, people perform wonders.

The exact reason I’d rather people of religion to understand that, that telling people there is God affects people’s ability to explore things around them. Knowing and seeking God makes you rely on God more. It can even make you incapable. Love for something can do that, especially when you make something your everything.

Who am I? Just a human, up there in the sky is God and between us, a spiritual connection.

Check in science, who am I? Someone still searching for answers. I have many but many eventually become none. Still searching…

We need to buy humanity, our children enough time so they can find that one short equation, that can truly be verified and called theory of everything. We need to buy our children time to fulfill dreams we might not in our life times.

All the while, in literature, I’m looking for a sentence, that can become a revelation of everything. There are countless quotes, many verses. Yet, there is not one sentence that can work for everyone.

There are so many sentences that one can’t just rank, all feel equally useful. But a sentence, that when said can struck strings of our hearts, hit the right nerve in our brain and cause an effect that never grows old and occupies us all equally.

A sentence that you can tell to all humanity and they will instantly fall in love with it and say this is a sentence that all human kind deserves. A sentence that says, that’s the sentence you are looking for. I don’t know what is the exact sentence or its composition. I do have a name for it. Life sentence.

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