Christianity is more interfaith than you think

In Christianity, you’ll find Budhhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and all the other forms of spiritualism, if you’ll focus, in a lonesome corner and let yourself connect with your soul, in the silence, away from the world. If you are a Christian, time’s your best friend. The bar of society and traditionalism will always make you […]

Maryam K Paer

in pairon say sab dikhta ha chaho dekho tu rab dikhta ha ankhon say choom un pairon ko jo kal ka sach wo aaj dikhta ha jannat bemol ha un pairon k bahgair in pairon ki dhool sajalay ankhon pay aur kar lay jannat ki saer phir maryam ki tasveer dekh apni maa ma khuda […]

Prayers for Our Amen

O heavenly father, Daniel keeps walking, the willingness to speak gives away but I keep talking, sometimes you break connection and sometimes I do but we keep interlocking, only sponge of your affection blots the sea of tears in which humanity’s faces are soaking. Father, I come too far sometimes looking for signs, and on […]

Great Times for Volunteer Fasting

Hallelujah. Eating less keeps you young, eating mess makes you old. It isn’t a routine. There isn’t a month, time or period for that. Fasting came as a tradition to help communities cope through difficult times. It was adopted as a tradition just like other things of faith wrongfully described. Fasting. Not eating so your […]

The Thirteenth Apostle

Hallelujah. In one story, the son made a mistake by calling himself son of the universe and he was sent back to amend for that mistake. In the other, the apostle that betrayed Jesus was sent back to make amends for his mistake and admit the Son of God is Son of God. The two […]