Mary, A Sweet Rose of Heaven

Mary. Know that name. Queen of all the mothers. A sweet rose of heaven. Written in scriptures. Forged by destiny. Nothing you have to know but the name. Things of faith, of heart, need no math. To put you in the heaven, to save you from the fire of hell. In the end, what you […]

Language of Your Soul

If you are reading this, the material that’s not in English, is probably meaningless for you, trust me cause I wrote it all, and only one can become the language of your soul. The contents I wrote, I did in a way, so you don’t have to translate other stuff, when an easy language can […]

Verdict: To The Future

Well, what can you do? Islam had only chance to prove it’s a religion of righteousness and its integrity (Q469) is still intact, but it wasted that chance away doing what it has been doing in the world, politics. Cover ups. Because Christanity will always be more interfaith than you think. And in the end, […]

America, Just Remember. Just ten rocky years

Through your thick and thins, ups and downs, just ten more years. No more than that. Hold yourself together. Nothing’s more important that your unity. Just ten more years. And then your flag becomes a beacon of hope everywhere forever. No one will be able to stop you. I’m your moon so be my mecca […]

Apolloistic Journey, Go Spell it out

Budhashintoism, Gospellism. These words got cool fonts. The world’s only said and preached Buddhism, only Japan truly showed it through practice and conquered it. The spirit of Sidhharta must truly live in Japan. Thai be like Eath Me Thai, I am this is so sweet. Hope is here raising. Mary to the maker, of faith […]

Small Will

My God, O people, is one who gives me independence, never makes me depend on anyone. May God save us, people of faith, from ever depending upon anyone, as people of faith or nation, together we are a team, never divided, only apart sometimes, and even apart, we are still the lions and wolves, because […]

Team Alpha

“Dad, I’m sitting here today in the US Capitol… proof that you made the right decision to… come here to the USA in search of a better life for our family… Don’t worry. I will be fine for telling the truth.” This is a message to the US army. Thank you for your courage, your […]