Christianity is more interfaith than you think

In Christianity, you’ll find Budhhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and all the other forms of spiritualism, if you’ll focus, in a lonesome corner and let yourself connect with your soul, in the silence, away from the world. If you are a Christian, time’s your best friend. The bar of society and traditionalism will always make you […]

Climbing Mount Everest

Climbing mount everest is not a biggie any more. People have so much time at their hands to get murdered by an ice giant that has climate of its own. Ten days window, thousands of wanna be snow me out. What is causing all this attraction. Climate change? A peak top the size of two […]

Punishment of Graves and Finality

“They have no knowledge of this, nor did their forefathers. Grave is the word that comes out of their mouths. They say nothing but a lie. And because the Hour is coming—there is no doubt about it—and because God will resurrect those in the graves. Nor are equal the living and the dead. God causes […]

To the Future # 7: 777

You walk with the people who you don’t realize and you help but when you realize them you have two options. Either to laugh with them at their victory and your failure or bring up the courage and tell them what you did was wrong all along. One’s conscious brings the hard challenges in one’s […]

Sunday Mass: Soft Readings in Sober Gatherings

There’s an image of mercy in God the Christ. One united story of human sailsmanship. If Christ wasn’t son of God, God would have sent a woman to sent such testimony, not another man. To hear the truth of God in your heart is like listening to the music. Who is Jesus but a high […]

God The Christ, Courage and Fear

Hallelujah. Christ is love and love is courage. Never shall I be asked and I may deny that Jesus is God the Christ, the son of God. I had my doubts in the past, but they are gone. In ordinary life, now I see the extra ordinary truth. Truth is Christ is more than one […]