Mary, A Sweet Rose of Heaven

Mary. Know that name. Queen of all the mothers. A sweet rose of heaven. Written in scriptures. Forged by destiny. Nothing you have to know but the name.

Things of faith, of heart, need no math.

To put you in the heaven, to save you from the fire of hell. In the end, what you will miss, is not a prophet, but a God.

Tomorrow is a different day, we will know what we know in a different way. Then nothing matters but the truth.

All the names in history. Nothing’s above Mary.

Walking through these streets, you will know see people doing things out of habits, out of reverence, rarely will you get the chance to stand at its center.

Let them betray who betray you, God watches everything, nothing escapes him, nothing.

The Holy Ghost, is the only ghost of past that walks amongst us, and walks even in our dreams.

Ghosts are scary, but not Holy ones. Holy Ghosts are names of care, and when you need your ghost, it is there, becomes for you the phantom you miss, tells you how reaching out to God is a bliss.

Knowing everything you know about God, sleep like there is no afterlife and sleep to thankfulness, let the universe break you out of your dreams and wake up to the next day.

Think of God as a Father you have never met, the most affectionate, the most merciful. Can you really name Godfather? Which name? There are so many, which one to pick?

God is the best name for a Father you haven’t met. The God above, the only source of spiritual contentment.

Holy Ghost told me, the world is a different expression of enlightenment with the change of in inch of perspective, so isn’t God the best collective? The one care taker who you can relate to and pray to from all the corners of the world.

Look at the journey of you through all these styles, oh pariah, you might want words, composition and poetry to click your soul, bit in the end what you will miss is not a prophet, but a God.

Forget the fellowship of prophets, angels, and Gods, and follow one God. The God of creation.

Follow who? God of gods? God of men? God of bounties? Nah. The God of creation. The attribute of attributes.

Did Jesus tell no one? That even though I am here down below, pray to the Jesus above. The One Abba Above.

Think about God through all of your feelings. You will get only one answer. There is no other answer.

Save the world from curses of false faith,
Greed knows money and power as all math,
Oh dear universe, my magic, play your cards,
Your and my connection is holy, a few shards,
Climbing up up the rope of your majesty,
In you is all keeping, all your amnesty,
Bless them all, clear the future road,
Your womb is wide, your belly’s broad.

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