Tales from Children’s Book

A child crawled into the bed of his father who was studying Bible. He took of his classes off and smiled at his son. “You couldn’t sleep?” The child said, “tell me a story so I can sleep dad.” The father placed his Bible on his bedside table and from the shelf took another story […]

The Town With Three Wishes

A Christian walked into a strange town, where all had but three wishes. Those wishes where their rules that they expected everyone to follow. He met a man, his three wishes were strict timing of work hours, not to be disturbed during his sleep, and not to be disturbed when listening to the music. Then […]

Young Priest and Old Priest

A young priest angrily entered the church with a bundle of sacred books cradled into his arms and placed them on the church table. The church’s priest came running, “what are you doing you can’t just bring satanic scriptures in here God will…” smashed right into jaws. “Listen to me you thankless old punk, everything […]

Illusions of Water Vapors

A man was sent to the world where the world he left behind seemed like illusions. When he came back, there were two types of people. The ones telling him that was he’s seen was an illusion and the others who told him, it was what it was. There was this simulation theory, he placed […]

Christianity Version 20.30: Balanced Edition

Summary: What if parents are not allowed to make children unless they’ve secured certain amount of money for their education and future. That way, the rich will have more children with no poor to serve them, and they’ll learn to do every day jobs for which usually they count on their servants. And the poor […]

Spiritual Patient’s Prayer

A man comes to a priest, standing on the church’s door and tells him, “O father, I am told I am a person with a thousand diseases, how do I cure myself?” The priest takes his hands and takes him inside, tells him to pray, and after sometimes he asks his spiritual patient, “how many […]

A preacher and a messiah

A man came to a messiah and asked, “what should one do when devil puts a false word on your ears, you try to avoid it, but it keeps pushing?” “Ignore the devil, and listen to your good self. You’ll always find an answer, a way around.” “But what if you get tired, and your […]

Ghosts of Future Past

A man entered church and took his muslim friend with him. The muslim guy had so many doubts about it, going to church. The christian saw his doubts and said, “whichever God you pray, you can remember him anywhere, I would go to mosque and kneel to the dome where imam sits and performs sermon, […]

The Firsts of Their Kinds

The universe welcomed the first man in heavens, the most beautiful boy on the face face of existence. Angels danced and circled around him, praised the lord for his mighty creation, and all the creatures sang, “we have a light to rule the kingdom of God forever and ever, we pledge allegiance to God’s will […]

The Rubble out of Rubbish

Alright, enough of rubbish, that’s how talking about faith sounds like sometimes. The rebel of exploration inside us, forces us to move into something new. Not search the same cabinet again and again. You know, kinda freshen up your mind and senses. That can be done as well through literature. Faiths are countries. Oops. I […]