To the Future # 7: 777

You walk with the people who you don’t realize and you help but when you realize them you have two options. Either to laugh with them at their victory and your failure or bring up the courage and tell them what you did was wrong all along. One’s conscious brings the hard challenges in one’s […]

To The Future # 6: Keep the Beers Chill

Hey kid, if you are alien in the world and you know it, it’s okay, but if you are an alien in the world and expose it, that’s not. Remember I told you it is better to remain shut and save it then show it out and break it. Well that’s true, besides, your heart […]

To The Future # 5: Be a Priest At Heart

You know, if appreciation is your gift, you can only give it, not have enjoy it, just like heaven, just like gratitude. Faith is a future prospect kid, means a little in this world, in the next, I do not discuss the next world to you cause you are up next. The best way to […]

To The Future # 4: Traditions, Cross Looks like a Key, Keep it

Hey brother, of the future. Ask yourself, how could the same God send so many different traditions through the iteration of faith? Why there are difference of praying methods and so many other things among different faith? Kid, needs of time. Hooks to bring people together. So I don’t know when you are going to […]

To the Future # 3: A Diary of Faith

A Diary of Faith. You can call this that. Used to write diary back in teenage. Managed to loose all of ’em, years of memories. Those details, perhaps weren’t meant to be preserved. In this universe, what you learn for yourself is more important than what you learn for others. Always learn for yourself more, […]

To the future # 02: Recommendations

If you haven’t already. Check out Bible, Book of Genesis. There’s Arabic text, Sanskrit text, and texts texts. Anyways. In a nutshell. Mainstream messages as cues, stories as summaries, commandments as keys, and numbers… you’ll figure out, but don’t think too much about them. Now about secret societies and stuff and the treatment of time. […]

To The Future # 01: Hey Kid, Daniel Here

Brother, I went down the road of Christianity after studying all the faiths. I choose the best for me. It may not be the best for you and you might choose a different faith. The things that make me and you alike surpass those that makes a human being different from another. All the roads […]