A declaration of science

I am a firm believer, that mankind cannot be undone until mankind truly fulfills its collective purpose. I am a stern believer that finding a theory of everything, building a commercial fusion engine and becoming a multi-planetary specie is essentially a part of it. “Nothing can be undone until it fulfills its one true purpose.”

Food Cycle and Heat Waves

So true. Nature is nothing more. It is nothing less. Nature is nature at its best. I learned a rule of sophistication of Christianity from Brits, that sophistication of a nation can be known either from their kitchens or their washrooms. From the point where food is made to the point there it is disposed. […]

A Case of Not Being Born

Let’s be fast and swift. Inflation is a real world problem where merit is already hard to meet. This BBC article gives a clear picture of the future. David Benatar’s views match the funny translation of a famous line that an eastern poet once said. “Being Being Sank us, What had been, Had not we […]

Languages and faiths

Faith started with sanskirit was closest to god and as it travelled to arabic it distanced itself from God. Sanskirit is the language of nature, greenery and ended up with colors, Arabic is the language of desert, dryness and ended up with colorlessness. Both languages are taste of faith, one green and the other dry. […]

Deep fakes and beef cakes

What am I if not a person of science? Every curious mind must ask itself. Since the dawn of science, its good and evils have been brought to us. With nuclear weapons being most catastrophic artifact of human ambition as on the positive side, nuclear reactors electrify many cities. Artificial Intelligence, it’s a gray area, […]


Exploring the Pauls of the Sun, We are all Solar Orbiters. How’s that for a tag line? 🙂 In other words, Super Ration for science-seeking-scientists, on gaining new data about the Sun. Hey, that Together with “I’m gonna love me again” which reminds me… A great day for art and science, this is how we […]