Rainbow We and Groceries for the family

Rambo V Trailer is out! Journey from the First Blood to the Last Blood Do the writers live perfect lives? Most that I’ve seen look like nerds. Writers don’t do everything they say, they try to follow. However, they find the words and leave them behind for others, so it might help them. Writing is […]

Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy… Wobble Up

Alright, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaaj have been wobbling around in the new music video, wobble up. Featuring, as G-eazy. From one to ten, how much influence does Nicki has on skinny bitches culture? All the body awareness and natural curves going on, every bit that’s added has to be some kinda anaconda influence. Is […]

Godzilla: King of Monsters Rap Reaction

You gotta just check out this trailer reaction rap. Joey Nato AKA lucky boy. I don’t know much about the dude, but he’s been saying a lot that he’s got the juice. So above is the trailer reaction, below is the juice. This is what you love about music. Creativity. Rap reactions to trailers, I’ve […]

Something About Rap

I understand rap as the only language in which you can say anything in which you can put as much bullshit and get away with it. It’s started like a tradition, in which even the one you rap against get assburns and still enjoys it. A good rap, you gotta enjoy even it is an […]

IDC by JB & ES: Two Voices like Two Musical Strings

Ed Sheeran is like voice of an angel and Justin Bieber is an angel. I mean musical angels. That’s what music industry is, guys and girls that sing and keep our worlds entertained, inspired, and enchanted. Songs are literally markup language of year. Like that year that music. Year 2017 was a great lift off […]