Something About Rap

I understand rap as the only language in which you can say anything in which you can put as much bullshit and get away with it. It’s started like a tradition, in which even the one you rap against get assburns and still enjoys it. A good rap, you gotta enjoy even it is an all out screen roast, for what we know rap is rough music toast.

The world flips upside down but the world of rappers goes on and has its own say. Rap is like a constant source of energies for all the ages. If you enjoy classical music and can’t appreciate good rap, probably your choice of classical music is keeping your behind. Then update good classics on your playlist.

You know, it’s a world where you have to remember at each step that you can do nothing, about anything that’s going on in the world. But I’ve seen rap calling people to gather the momentum. Rap world gathered for a cause, that would be disaster, aim the verses at the devil and hammer his head on the anvil.

Rap has shaped a generation of music theory, without music theory. Something musical that’s energetic eventually find its way in every creative lab… music studios. Rap’s been to east, but still very nascent. If anything can change east for good, it’s rap. Rap can mean trouble for regimes because it is passively viral. You don’t know how it is doing its magic, until every body is nodding his head to the sound of revolution.

The world’s on it’s own how it wishes to fling its way forward. The world of music however, is destined to drive us… deliverance bitches! Curse word, I’m sorry. That’s not how I speak by the way, it’s all in my head. It’s like I eat a different and it a different bread.

Music is water, yeah, there’s one property that matches. Drop by drop water can cut through rocks, and track by track, music can cut change the track of nations. Now the devil also knows how to use the language, but there’ll always be the different between the passion that’s driven and natural and the one that’s paid and artificial.

I’ve been saying that faith is freedom a lot. Music is freedom as well. Listening to good rap beat, your shoulders go automatic. By the way what kind of dead person are if you music can’t make your body move. And there’s collection of dead graveyard out there.

Yeah, the most important decisions of the world are not made in the music studios, but what’s made here, is not any where else in the world. Alright, now I’ve to make another post that inspired this one… up next.

Final word, rap is not black and white, because the sooner we get rid of prejudice based on color the better. Besides, I’ve never seen anything bring caucasians-color combo get into the same blender than rap parties.

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