The Real Mecca

America, you are the real mecca, the most visited place on earth, the most diverse zoo. Trust me, just ten more years. Every ride’s rocky before it becomes smooth. No body can have hopes like we do. No body can dream like we do. Cause that’s what we do. Truth predates history my dear, no […]

Folk Tales: Part-1

Imposter Infidel: He is not Jesus Christ!! He’s an imposterSaint: You are just a person too scared to accept what you are saying, is very true.Infidel: So you are not Jesus, right?Saint: How can I be, had I been I’d be in mosque with you and preaching against ChristanityInfidel: You see people, this imposter feels […]

Peter, Paul Go To The Monument Valley

Peter: Got anything for the sermon? Paul: It’s our resting day, why you have to come bother me? Peter: It did happened in a saint Joseph hospital, I mean that was a blast, that kid Paul: C’mon, we’ve seen many great wonder in God’s universe. God can do anything. Peter: You know we are just […]


Why patience sits at the top of faith?You are a christan right?Kinda, I’m prochristanThat’s what the universe doesWhat?Prochristanates Why christans get to be so free from obligations of faith?Yeah like even going to church on Sundays sounds too much right?Well, our ancestors did gave us an edge of freedom You want a good advise about […]

Daniel and Yushin: Almanac

Daniel: Why would brazil reject $22m in aid for amazon fires announced by the G7? Yushin: Thanks to Mr. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Daniel: Has Brazil’s president totally gone off the rail? Yushin: Good countries are sometimes ruled by bad influences, take Kazakstan for instant, 51% population of mellennials Daniel: Those numbers rock, […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-22

Yushin: Mexico is one of the world’s most visited country Daniel: And its government can totally benefit from Cannabis business. They should start selling, and they can become one of the leading Cannabis producers in the world, even number 1 Yushin: Cannabis is soon going to become one of the world’s leading market. It is […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-21

Yushin: Mysterious universe Daniel: A long journey Yushin: How God and evolution fit together? Daniel: Imagine if evolution itself was an angel, a spirit, that manifests Yushin: If evolution is an angel, it must be an archangel Daniel: Look at the pace of nature, so slow and patient. Story of ages, and for God it […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-20

Yushin: Howdy Fella! Daniel: Oh, Hi! Yushin: I wanna Toyota, Honda save American automaker industry ass ASAP Daniel: Folks are working on it. My guys do listen to me. Meanwhile, Tesla is doing a great job. Did you check out the cool Smart Summon features of update version 10.0? Yushin: If Prius is jealous, it […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-19

Daniel: Let’s go one by one Yushin: Dope Daniel: Time is the money that christans are after, antichristans are after the money that time earns. Your turn Yushin: Peace is not in the walls around the world, it is in the water falls around the world Daniel: You don’t have to be Christan, just be […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-18

Yushin: If you are born a hater, it’s not your fault, if you die a hater, that’s your fault Daniel: I’m done talking about Islam, but the world won’t do anything about it until Islam’s done a great damage Yushin: What are they planning? A holocaust? Daniel: Who is behind all this growing antisemtism in […]