Peter, Paul Go To The Monument Valley

Peter: Got anything for the sermon? Paul: It’s our resting day, why you have to come bother me? Peter: It did happened in a saint Joseph hospital, I mean that was a blast, that kid Paul: C’mon, we’ve seen many great wonder in God’s universe. God can do anything. Peter: You know we are just […]

Daniel and Yushin: Almanac

Daniel: Why would brazil reject $22m in aid for amazon fires announced by the G7? Yushin: Thanks to Mr. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Daniel: Has Brazil’s president totally gone off the rail? Yushin: Good countries are sometimes ruled by bad influences, take Kazakstan for instant, 51% population of mellennials Daniel: Those numbers rock, […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-22

Yushin: Mexico is one of the world’s most visited country Daniel: And its government can totally benefit from Cannabis business. They should start selling, and they can become one of the leading Cannabis producers in the world, even number 1 Yushin: Cannabis is soon going to become one of the world’s leading market. It is […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-21

Yushin: Mysterious universe Daniel: A long journey Yushin: How God and evolution fit together? Daniel: Imagine if evolution itself was an angel, a spirit, that manifests Yushin: If evolution is an angel, it must be an archangel Daniel: Look at the pace of nature, so slow and patient. Story of ages, and for God it […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-20

Yushin: Howdy Fella! Daniel: Oh, Hi! Yushin: I wanna Toyota, Honda save American automaker industry ass ASAP Daniel: Folks are working on it. My guys do listen to me. Meanwhile, Tesla is doing a great job. Did you check out the cool Smart Summon features of update version 10.0? Yushin: If Prius is jealous, it […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-19

Daniel: Let’s go one by one Yushin: Dope Daniel: Time is the money that christans are after, antichristans are after the money that time earns. Your turn Yushin: Peace is not in the walls around the world, it is in the water falls around the world Daniel: You don’t have to be Christan, just be […]

Daniel and Yushin: Part-18

Yushin: If you are born a hater, it’s not your fault, if you die a hater, that’s your fault Daniel: I’m done talking about Islam, but the world won’t do anything about it until Islam’s done a great damage Yushin: What are they planning? A holocaust? Daniel: Who is behind all this growing antisemtism in […]