California Music Blog Presents, Con Calma with Record Breaking Wigs

Alright, so how come in the California Music Blog we ain’t talking about music enough, right? I feel that gap, let’s fill that.

I mean I have never seen so many wigs on a single person. In a very singular sense, what a romantic song between a PR boy and a Cali girl.

Katy Perry’s music video’s have gotten so colorful lately, it’s like she’s got her own flow now. Keep doing it queen, cause no body else is doing it, but don’t listen to me, be your own magic. Con Calma is a huge leap from 365, which has kinda more robotic theme, but if you are professional, you should be able to do anything… from aliens, to robots, jungles, jingles, albums, singles. I mean just name it, she can bring it.

California Music has a certain vibe to it you know. Like you know it is California, you can always tell. Anyways, I am a great fan of music, and California music has got to be revival of American music cinema. Music cinema because music videos are like quick movies and when you have time to live your life in movie, you get to live it in music videos. Just like every movie tells a story, so does every music video.

Alright, but con calma was not a music video, that was a stage performance. So I guess in music video you tell a story, and on the stage you are your own glory.

Daddy Yankee, ah, makes me realize I must study our music artists more. What am I doing with my music blog? And why am I writing down my future thoughts? Well, Whatever motives you to be a professional writer.

The best thing about word press blogging is that you don’t have a set format for what to blog and you get to meet great people. I took a humble start on word press a few years ago, quitting blogging, turned out to be a great mistake, the one which I’m not willing to repeat. Thank you, California Music Blog, you are a good idea.

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