Think of Japan

Every time you think of Buddhism, think of Japan as being it’s prime new heart. Faith only grows, where it is free to grow, where seeking faith is not a sin. Think of Japan’s id.

Twitterverse Today

Royal glimpses up a head, so let’s start with the royal sciences tidbits. Now Japan will soon need Royal Family Experts to cover what’s going on in their lives. It’s fun to be royal. This is huge. Congrats Japan! Well, Emperor… Emperor Family Experts, to be more accurate Eastward. Japan’s officially in the royal business. […]

Language of Your Soul

If you are reading this, the material that’s not in English, is probably meaningless for you, trust me cause I wrote it all, and only one can become the language of your soul. The contents I wrote, I did in a way, so you don’t have to translate other stuff, when an easy language can […]

Verdict: To The Future

Well, what can you do? Islam had only chance to prove it’s a religion of righteousness and its integrity (Q469) is still intact, but it wasted that chance away doing what it has been doing in the world, politics. Cover ups. Because Christanity will always be more interfaith than you think.

Random Things, Feelings Thought, Thinking Sings

“March of Freedom, Walk of Fame, what is it to you, if both serve some good and serve the same? Better than lock of freedom cause that’s just lame.” I have said before and I will say it again, I am niether Democrat or republican, my heart is all American. Kentucky and Virginia, just for […]

Free will is the charm, selfishness is a curse.

Pope Francis, I know your concerns. That the church would decay without evangelization. hlgkk That’s because the nation of faith that’s essentially become a lock, won’t speak up for faults within and have essentially become zombies. They have no perspective whatsoever what their faith and beliefs are doing in the world. Let me tell you […]