Final Freedom: March to Freedom

That is what Jesus gave us, eternal and final freedom. For his word is final. Will there be a day when humanity will completely breathe free from slavery?

Will there be freedom finally from all sorts of chains?

Let me tell you an eternal truth. The concept of heaven came from observation of all the injustices in the society and the fact that doesn’t matter what you do, there are imperfections left to be improved on another day. So God came first or the desire for heaven? Feel free to ask yourself.

So afterlife is a promise, fulfillment of which better suits those who were sure there’s a heaven, and that it is real, and that it is beautiful. Those who know faith is more than a chance we count upon. Those who know what will be done with them and you. Impurity forces us to mix the world in front and behind our eyes. Faith is politics, so something and some affairs we leave upon God and after, until undeniable testimony of truth arrives. In the language of faith, heaven is the final freedom in the indefinite tense. 

Cut to planet earth, present tense, where “march to freedom is one sentence, right to march is a death sentence, and only evil is free with no repentance.”

Humanity is one march towards final freedom, solidarity march. So there are these plagues upon earth, but one by one humanity will break them all. The desire to find freedom find its way.

March of humanity and faith

So for some Jesus will be the way to freedom, and for some, humanity will be the way for freedom, but what we know is that there will always be a way to freeom.

Walk or march, but keep moving towards freedom. There’s a reason, not a coincidence, why march is the third month, and so many revelations packed in this march. 1st, 23rd or 26th march, but no one found freedom with their march.

March For Women, March for Lives, March For Students

Atrocities on students, campuses ceased, brutalities of police. Solidarity with women, those who march for lives, those who march for education, those who march for freedom of voices, social justice and liberation, on the top of it all those who march for religious freedom that is the ultimate indicator of all forms of freedom. March for health, march for pride, march for just, march for right.

It is said that we try to protect the tech giants, but arm deals take the advantage out of it. It is sad that we raise the label march for lives, but then sleeping cells are used to make it look like accidents, but sometimes there can’t be just coincident. It is sad that we try to save child brides, but then bars are raised, false faith cherish false prides. It is sad that those beneath are trapped under those on the top, when silent is the sky, whose is all the crop. So march for freedom cause it can mean something, you don’t march without a cause, you’ve seen something.

A narrow minded enemy of freedom

Someone enslaves, someone becomes slave. How do we free ourselves from each other. When we do not give each other space, is when we feel our spaces are taken.

What is the final freedom? Freedom of all the places, all the races, all the voices, all the religions, all the philosophies, all the rights, and all the possibilities.

There is a thought, that’s thought upon very much. It thinks that give humanity freedom and humanity will destroy itself. But who decided that? We decide. We all do. No just few people who think of themselves high, all of us. Who is to protect us from those who protect us in this way? So we protect ourselves and march for our freedoms. As long as the marches are peaceful, there is no reason to prevent the marches.

The narrow minded enemy of freedom is not an isolated incident. It has happened in past, and it happening now. It is an error of humanity think. It’s not a person or group but a mindset that occupies a person or group. Those group themselves are victim engulfed by this idea and doubt gets the best of them. There’s no cure from such doubt, only mental ressurection is the cure. Sometimes though, prevention is better than cure.

March, until there is a social justice and harmony

Prevention is better than cure, when not, prevention is taken as cure. Only thing that’s better than marches is a social structure, where freedom and social justice is so perfect, that there are no need for marches.

Not every place is Finland, social harmony is a gift and Rome wasn’t built in a day. So places where there is no march for freedom, their Berlin walls will take ages to fall, and social justice will take ages to make.

A Byte of Heaven: Final Freedom

When clearly viewed, faiths suffering faith issues have just nearsightedness problem. Today you are making society, will you get heaven for fighting for social causes? Cause heaven is promised only to take tenders of faith? I don’t know.

What I do know is a good society you make, will bear there in, free souls and free children, who will work for faith, freedom and rights, create amazing examples, those who will actually be loved by God for reasons of faith. Remember God with thankfulness and pray. And through their lights, the souls of the past, the founders and builders are given salvation. If your children do not become the reason of your salvation, the children of your children might. Today you are march for social freedom, tomorrow you might march for faith freedom. It is really about speed. It is really about how far and how term you are willing to look.

We are very small part of a very long story. And so until then, we walk, march, keeping moving. So yes, in the language of faith, heaven is the final freedom.

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