Word to Word

Prophecy: Christanity will grow in mysterious ways.

The sun that sets in the East always rises in the West, lightening never strikes the same place twice.

The sun will set in my time here and rise in yours. Focus on the rising one, the rising sun, your clear horizon.

For today had enough worries, let the tomorrow worry about itself.

Bet on let, as it was, so light thee will be. If there’s good, we already won, so long the truth is above, truth prevails, truth avails.

Until the next sunrise, high will see what can be changed from the sky, for the sky changes everything. So much that Bible said came true word to word. If my words never came true than I and my God are liars, if they came true, then liars have no place in heaven, for heaven God made, only for believers.

Watching our past all the time,
And being from heaven is a crime,
But star gazers always find,
Themselves, and always remind.

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