Let us be reborn

My heart has your burden,
Feel too much absorbed,
Of my words, you are worden,
You compel me to be honest,
Compel me to speak,
Whether I feel up for it or not,
You show me there’s one more peak,
How can upon my shoulders,
Be burden of nations,
I’ve tried to sing too well,
Had honesty in itself been professions,
prophecion, in mine,
I am but force of duty,
With the force you drive me sometimes,
I wonder how that’s beauty,
Rage and wrath melt into candor,
Is Bible a book or a gender,
My heart is not built to harm,
But only of good things I’m defender,
Tire me soon or this passion never stops,
Cross sprinkles waters on forever crops,
It is riveting, never lets me sleep,
In the well of wellness I fell so deep,
My demons laugh on turtle’s pace,
Will before it I truly find my space,
Something holy that I face,
But before you read,
You must say grace,
Blessing is empowered,
I feel like showered,
Bless the truth above all Mary,
In truth of faith I feel forward,
In so many ways that I’m Christan,
I pray that our eyes never mysten,
Clear the doubts from our eyes,
That faith of Christ is always wise,
Don’t let us become hollow abomination,
Let us live in truth, your imagination,
Divert from us nay-sayers creed,
Make us mighty by word and deed,
Make our children grow in worth,
Let freedom be everyone’s right by birth,
Sink us not in foulness of cult,
When we are lost,
Be our counsel so we can consult,
Don’t let slavery become our insult,
Make us mighty, for matters result,
Share my heart heavy,
With those faith savvy,
Bless us Godfather,
For reborn are today we,
Recreate us in your image,
Wash away our our faults,
If we have changed,
Restore the defaults,
Make us your ink,
We’ll be obedient pen,
And patience we cherish,
Is only power of your zen,
Help us do more than we can,
Help us women and we men,
Help our brothers and sisters in pain,
Help Christans grow in their grain,
Deliver us from persecution,
For our minorities live in destitution,
Let us be free in our own lands,
Let no one boast that us devil commands,
Let us fulfill the oaths we were made for,
Let us become words we have been said for
Keep our convents knotted in faith,
Let us live again values and virtues greath,
Save us from curse of false charmers,
Of our destinies let us be good farmers,
Help us guard the victims of denial,
Give us power of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael,
On the path of truth and justice,
Make us unstoppable,
Never let us kneel to the falseness,
Save us from unprofitable,
Help us forge this world and the next,
If we’ve been low, let us be maxed,
Tire us in good work, so we may sleep well,
Give us strong feet so we may leap well,
Bless churches and synagogues power to unite,
In every temple of God let us become invite,
Make us not proud of our disasters,
Keep us connected to our holy masters,
Let forces of nature be our ride,
Let the elements of freedom be our guide,
Keep our will forever submitted,
From blessings don’t let us be omitted,
Give us the power of submission and ask,
Make our grits strong, strong in task,
Cut us paper thin but bless us wisdom,
Let us not walk blindly in your holy kingdom,
Let false things not devour our ears and attention,
Let the power of truth stay in our reach and retention,
Let our joys be harmless but envied upon,
Let education and truth be our holy reform,
Bless us with your magnificence O Holy Spirit,
Pour faith in us, let the best of our beliefs stir it,
Let skies of angel come to help us,
Let us be useful before you shelf us,
Let our ashes be seeds to brighten the coming,
Give us soul in our hymns and in our humming,
Let our tree of faith be that paramount,
Give us reasons to move don’t let us count,
Give our prayers that ageless taste,
That we’ve received it and prayers aren’t waste,
Let our guilt help us realize, not betray,
It is word of good not evil that we say,
Save our lips from becoming instruments of evil,
Give us clear sight bless us truth and thee will,
Let our judgement be strong on foggy roads,
Do not let us go without love in our temporary abodes,
Never deplete us from the will to try,
Forever keep us in mercy O Holy My,
Let Christan unity be consistent and determinant,
Let us care for each other in bodies impermanent,
Bless every love with altar of grace,
Guide our dream to become one human race,
Let us be defiant of theory, good us in practice,
Help us become one nation, help Christanity make this,
Don’t make us alien to any true faith,
Let us earn through effort, afterlife, aftermath,
Never make us beg in front of cowards,
Save us from vile tongue falseness that forwards,
Let our commitment and hard work become our reward,
Bless us Lord Almighty, Bless us The Holy Word.

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