The chimes and bells in my heart

The chimes and bells in my heart sing, and say sometimes, they tell me things and pray sometimes. Don’t follow in my footsteps, follow the wide abundant nature, then if I and the nature are same, we will meet. Altar is a horizon where the journey ends, there is nothing further to see, but wear […]

Believers of Incarnation

I learned one word from Hinduism, incarnation, that made many books and countless sentences of another faith, seem fruitless. And now of Christanity, Hinduism will always be like a shadow, like how shade that gives a painting realness which outlines alone can’t create. Never let anyone emotionally fool you, especially coming from other faith. They […]

Twitterverse Today

Royal glimpses up a head, so let’s start with the royal sciences tidbits. Now Japan will soon need Royal Family Experts to cover what’s going on in their lives. It’s fun to be royal. This is huge. Congrats Japan! Well, Emperor… Emperor Family Experts, to be more accurate Eastward. Japan’s officially in the royal business. […]

Language of Your Soul

If you are reading this, the material that’s not in English, is probably meaningless for you, trust me cause I wrote it all, and only one can become the language of your soul. The contents I wrote, I did in a way, so you don’t have to translate other stuff, when an easy language can […]