Word to Word

Prophecy: Christanity will grow in mysterious ways. The sun that sets in the East always rises in the West, lightening never strikes the same place twice. The sun will set in my time here and rise in yours. Focus on the rising one, the rising sun, your clear horizon. For today had enough worries, let […]

Trust is my God, truth is my God

Trust, true is my father, truth.. true is my God. Trust and truth is my Godfather. Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers? But to us there is but one God, the Father, […]

Mary Xmas, Happy Holidays

From the seat of reliance… From the seat of alliance… From the seat of science… All of you are included with above three. As the proud member of the mortal family, we all wish you a happy Christmas. To you and your families. One ship, one love. Happy holidays, Celebrate, Enjoy!


These are the words I’d say to a newborn child who comes into the world, as man of faith and man of God. So there’s no need to proclaim in the ears territory of which God you’ve come to, when he grows up, he’ll know. Truth guides everyone, as choices do. I know, these are […]

Promise of Truth

Pack me a pact,Bake me a back up,When heaven is my pact, promise and trust,Lies I never stack up,That promised to me,Is from which I give,All I want,Is for promise of truth to live,Only truth I take and truth I give. There’s no promise of heaven and its fulfillment without the promise of truth. And […]

There is a magic in all of US

So great is his love for us that he became one of us, that was Jesus of Nazarene. There are always cool things to learn from Pope, he’s a great source of knowledge and inspirations. We are living in a grave times, praying heard. I know but, through grave times, we have lived before. It […]

Final Freedom: March to Freedom

That is what Jesus gave us, eternal and final freedom. For his word is final. Will there be a day when humanity will completely breathe free from slavery? Will there be freedom finally from all sorts of chains? Let me tell you an eternal truth. The concept of heaven came from observation of all the […]