Pope Stars The text okay, but this picture is so sweet, the carnival of Christanity surely has its transformations. Lost lands and back trends. Saint Diego, I like that name for some reason. Sand Yogo Yoego, Beach Wego Wego. I mean do do say father in English but Padre, spanish brings such a taste in […]

Cyber Defense

If America wants supremacy and integrity of its constitution and ideals, it must develop elite cyber defence capability. The adversaries do not have higher cyber skills but dedicated cyber teams, resources prioritizing hacking to influence foreign affairs. Misinformation is the greatest challenge this century must face, and equally dedicated plus constantly evolving cyber defense is […]

Not me, them.

Not me, them. I’m humbled padre. They’ll be thankful, God promise. Visit Japan soon, the gesture of goodwill and peace to Japan from the Christan world cannot wait. Japan’s a great place to be for people of all faith, especially students. I want a tear in my eyes, but there’s a smile in my heart. […]

360 of 260

Yeah, we can understand the world in 260 characters much better than 280 character can ever do and the reason is right above. So that really takes off the burden, not only from science but let’s say, the apostles too, to explain things in poetic and general way then saying, for instance like it really […]

Congrats Mexico!

AMLO, you deserve the moment of glory. Enjoy it brother. It feels so good that our neighbors beat us in baseball. Literally the game that puts home in our home runs. Mexico make scores, still home runs. Thank you, Tokyo for being such an amazing host. Let see what Bible has to say. So while […]