Promise of Truth

Pack me a pact,Bake me a back up,When heaven is my pact, promise and trust,Lies I never stack up,That promised to me,Is from which I give,All I want,Is for promise of truth to live,Only truth I take and truth I give. There’s no promise of heaven and its fulfillment without the promise of truth. And […]

There is a magic in all of US

So great is his love for us that he became one of us, that was Jesus of Nazarene. There are always cool things to learn from Pope, he’s a great source of knowledge and inspirations. We are living in a grave times, praying heard. I know but, through grave times, we have lived before. It […]

Final Freedom: March to Freedom

That is what Jesus gave us, eternal and final freedom. For his word is final. Will there be a day when humanity will completely breathe free from slavery? Will there be freedom finally from all sorts of chains? Let me tell you an eternal truth. The concept of heaven came from observation of all the […]

The Message of Pope

On tour to Japan, the Pope stressed that ties between Buddhists and Christans be strengthened and as Buddhism preaches, peace is the utmost requirement for peace and progress. Apostolic Journey is carrying out message of the Gospel to the world. Those who believe the world was made through Genesis and those who believe that life […]

Ye for Yeshua: Future has hope

Don’t know sleep or awake, but I saw this man, saying, to the future, future have hope, for hope has the future. Faith is not knowledge alone, it is an experience. True knowledge of faith coincides with you life’s experiences. My childhood logic to believe in God, because there are so many injustices in the […]