Cross and Praying Beads

We do not sell heaven, we sell a dream
In lopsided world truth is not what it may seem

It was our mistake, we forgot to own trinity
An millions of miles ahead of us all the way to infinity

To walk with faith is difficult, it is to walk with him
To pacify faith into your heart, make it full to the rim

If can’t Jesus be then take any He, and then let it be
The signal that comes from the future only he can forsee

How Christian came to fall in love with alien stories
How we learned to ride in the these new cars and lorries

So little it takes to be a Christian, cross and praying beads
Blessed is one who listens with heart and his saying heeds

There’s so much of this faith to come, I know it for sure
What can we do, some won’t embrace, denial has no cure

Then let it be, ride on cause the holy spirit is truth so pure
As long as hallelujah is on your heart and tongue, never feel

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