God of Christ and His Djin

Whether you like it or not, you are my God. Dear guide of Jesus without you I am but lost. Disbelief comes and asks come give me some faith, from the world of believers, just one dweller let me have. And comes out a djin saying you can use me as copy, with good information […]

Have Faith O You Little Thing

Daniel, do you know the anthem of your religion Daniel, You conscious stands before God before you Daniel, Did you carry enough rocks on your conscious Daniel, O Daniel, have faith you little thing… Daniel, Do you believe in the word of God Daniel, Do you think giving faith is fraud Daniel, Do you find […]

Who are you Lord?

Too early and too good for your time O lord, when your light comes in prime Jesus you were there with all prophets Did your light do any good to their profits When expands your God, can’t be surrounded When surrounds your God, nothing can expand Who is your God Jesus? Who is your God? […]

From Left, Right, and Center

Came from the left, let another one wake up, let’s see whose steps he follows. Came from the right, There’s no good in sending more, Let the heavens and the earth roar. Came from the center, Then as long as there’s God’s name, No one can, no one may stop faith followers.

O Christian Nation

O Christian nation, you’ve forgotten, you were knights, You used to know all over your souls, God had rights, You knew better, God’s and humanity’s very brights, Had he not told you, this world is but illusive sights. O Christian nation, you sunk, yet made it to the top, God made you a chosen nation, […]

For all walkers of faith

Then hunt for more faith in the jungle of curiosities, The wild animals there in will test you with their velocities, My dear, the psalms are written on ever deer’s hide, This is your camp in the clearing, for seer’s wide, Hold your breathe, aim, pull the arrow in the bow, Close your eyes, let […]

Preserve your Faith

Oh boy, you want more useful to say, Did he differentiate between more and less, , significant words of pray? , important souls of clay? Are you afraid to say, “choose your tomorrow, Not my today.” The spirit of faith leaves you for second and you wonder, Is it our God above the sky when […]

All Is Well

Frozen face, smiley heart, with christian bell Yeah, who we are if not just ghosts in a shell Can you tell insides of people, can you tell Live right inside us, corners of heaven and hell So hear me preach it slowly cause I can’t yell Come to christianity and know all is well Faith […]

Spark Plugs: Who Are We?

We don’t go uninvited to other faith houses, We don’t look with dirt towards others’ spouses, If we called her sister or mother till death she’s gone, Say name of any God but we’ll never raise our tone, All the streets are the same for us, nothing is fancy, The swagger of our ancestors inside […]

Faith of Freedom

Yeah, we all humans are all alike, Until there’s need, we do not abide, When God gave us faith, he gave us pride, Faith not open enough for a street too wide? All you columns, turn into rows,Our will be faith still too open, all can cross,The pilgrims give the hand outs while on the […]