Random Things, Feelings Thought, Thinking Sings

“March of Freedom, Walk of Fame, what is it to you, if both serve some good and serve the same? Better than lock of freedom cause that’s just lame.”

I have said before and I will say it again, I am niether Democrat or republican, my heart is all American.

Kentucky and Virginia, just for saying Beto is a dog.

Who is Pete now dog or bitch, stitch that mouth yourself or ask your Mitch.

Make sure home run doesn’t become crickets pitch. There is no point of entertaining anything but freedom of press.

Your cousin lione the … has a contract to protect Britain, so indulge not worthless argument.

Goldsmiths and Ironsmiths has made this family. Of course we hold high santicity of women, may all namesakes of Mary be blessed and God protect the Queen.

My love, Britain is such a Kingdom of heaven. Freedom of speech has its ups and downs. Compromised press is wrecked truth, how to blame their confusions and things they say, when those promising moderacy took an extreme U-turn.

And to Mexico stay strong, never think you are alone. Your sovereignty is precious to America, but never feel shy, USA will always be on standby to respond to distress call from any of it’s friends.

Australia is not a lonely Continent, it is undiscovered wonder of nature, and distance only deprives the world from beauties of it’s outback. Aussies look only look less.

Climate change is primarily the doing of fossil fuels. Only if the whole world was a solar City.

South Africa, be proud for your new captain and phenomenal victory. I was amazed twice this week. Cyberpunk holding hands and cybertruck molding trends.

It is amazing, CRISPR was so soon taken over by Prime Editor. Science is making fast leaps in biology, as in computational quantum mechanics.

Getting to the moon with fewer steps, if cartoons landed on the moon the man jumping would produce funny sounds like boeing boeing.

Corporate or CORPORATE, bit is that the same guy who broke suits boots aside and impressed everyone with Teez and Jeez.

“Before it was called Silicone Valley, we used to call it home.”

I am a faith, just don’t call me locker protect me from keys, the water walker, of chalker can I am mocker, of them sneaking out to cross I am a stalker, thought cross was a knock out but turned out to be just a knocker, wearing New Jersey but really a New Yorker, must press the voices might rise a talker, kill the babies to prevent Moses, I have heard against God I man of injustices loses, am I faith am I man, looks like Isaac is Abel kind, and I am Cain. I am faith, what’s my name? I am lost what’s my game? My habit false my rabbit holes, and my screamers like zombies rabid howls, how many times a day I remind me me on speakers of loud, but these clouds look like 3 like stickers of shrouds.

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