Opticeptus: Journey Through Shells

Opticeptus: Journey of Eternal Light through the Mortal Shells

There will be many shells, but the time traveler blesses one, that’s noble enough to rise above the shell, think of body as a shell, and soul and life, a borrowed awareness.

Everything you own, you don’t, you borrowed it, from your soul to the atoms that make you up.

In the most scientific way, conscious is the light. Many times it has been said, and I repeat, you are not some body with some soul, you are some soul, with some body. You are a person and your awareness of your conscious is your identifier.

No mortal identity you may associate with yourself will live forever. It is the characteristics of your morals, of doing what you love, what you have been doing, what you wish to be doing, is what remains, transformed here, up there. Do not think how you are carried, just know and believe, somethings are how it is, God’s mysteries. You do not worry about what is written, but how it should guide you in your life.

The Almighty Father of Creation is Omnipresent

God is omnipresent. We escape from our sins and hide them in the corner, as if there’s corner hidden from him.

What is sin? Not having knowledge of what it is. Jesus said through his dying words, forgive them father, they do not know (who sent me).

So knowledge is the light of the world, and its curruption a disease. Christanity or any other religion in the world is not true knowledge, but a way to present heavenly presents. A gift.

Feel. Feel God. Feel God a lot. You don’t have to cause God always feels you. Without a purpose in life, a good goal and direction, living is meaningless. You have to be somewhere to ever understand that.

Connection of Faith

Shut down all the doors to the followers of God, theirs will be still way up, so can anyone prevent anyone from becoming one with God?

Jesus was one with God and spirit. I saw him in my dreams, witnessed his miracles down to the spider web of the universe, it’s dark energy and expansion. I could not wear his shoes, so I became a follower.

Remember the Christan journey, remember God and the time traveler will pass right past you. A moment of truth befalls you just once, once you are cured by aleph, his angels continue to guide you until you have completed your journey and met the Holy one at last in the heavenly presence.

Look at the highest, God created mother nature and wrote the rules that governs the universe, keeps it intact. We came out as its consequence, can the devil you know kill a single star in the heaven until it has aged its age?

Connected, God is the blood and wine in your veins. Drinkable water is the wine that’s wide abundant. The existence of Jesus was so occupied by God, He sometimes said things through I not Him. For He became one with God’s true nature. So He said, “bread is my body.” And that’s why we thank God for the food he places on our table.

There is no difference between wasting food and knowledge, both lead to adversity. Value knowledge like it is your food.

Spirit of The Cross

I, Daniel, wanted to learn new things, of science, cultures, music, because interest helps you pick things fast, helps you absorb things hard to absorb.

When I found cross, it’s spirit, I ran to absorb it in its entirety, I couldn’t. I tried to become Jesus but I was too small for his shoes. Jesus offered me to become a prophet, a priest, a saint, and even God, but all the while, he continued to tell me that without your choice, willingness, even God is compelled to disobey the rules He can’t help cause he wrote it.

God help those who help themselves. God can’t help locks that repel the keys. And trust me I have only looked at the designs of they keys, that makes this century look like ancient past, so ancient that it feels like you miss the future or the heaven.

I wish there was a way to remove Jesus from the memories of the world so tomorrow my brother could see with full conviction that God, his time travelling wonders do not move through memories but the truths o for life, universe, and the stars. To prove once in for all that faith and God is doing of seeking and desire.

Desire and seeking. The prime and precursor for any sign-tist who reads signs of God from bricks of the universe.

Who advised the very first prophet? Whoever the first light touched, it happened without previous knowledge and memories. If truth travelled through memories, texts and teachings, I would be follower of another faith. Instead 99.99% of knowledge that surrounds me failed to keep that 0.01% from finding me. Despite all my efforts I failed to reinstate their own faith into them, and they inadvertently turned me into a Christan trying to do something else. Jesus is, will be with a religion, Daniel has one. And rather a found one.

Any prophet, for the spirit of Christ. Who was he? Just another shell for the Holy Ghost. The Ghost rider through whose eyes, you see the pain of all the souls that ever lived, and so only pure of heart can ever survive loneliness without going mad. Holy Ghost has how ever so much to teach.

Jesus was there with the very first prophet, and He will be there for the very last prophet. Yeshua died, Jesus moved on. Aleph never seems to find any one that can walk with him for long enough, far enough, so immortality, heaven and gift of life aleph gave as gift to them and those who believed them.

“I am the first and the last, I am everything,” those words you are bound to speak if you venture out too far in search for God cause spirit of God in encounter is a declaration of the alpha, a message of Omega.

All the prophets were apostles of Jesus, their efforts for the message of God earned them their place in the heaven so they placed candles in the paths of those who followed them through his light in their own ways. So don’t you find it amazing, one of the twelve apostles betrayed Jesus and I only come to happen later that a prophet said Jesus is not the son of God?

Propaganda is a curse. The spirit told me doesn’t matter who you join, how motives are laid behind religions, you will end up being just part of a propaganda. Came out true word to word. As if I wasn’t aware what I was doing but the spirit was informed of everything that’s happening in the world.

Distances to travel

I know. My words make me look like I could be, but that’s only because the world has still a little distance to travel before it understands the nature of the spirit. Truth only matures after traveling some distance, or in the long voyage of the cosmos, after traveling some time. For it is not only the truth of humanity that’s unraveling as will, but truth of spirit as well.

I have always hated selfishness, that’s what forces me to keep the ideas and my life in separate boxes. Can’t afford to be a Christan that ruins the taste of mystery and magic by saying I know everything. I don’t know have helped Christans before, it will help them again. Too much sure and confident about afterlife is a fool, who took One’s God for everyone’s God. Desires and wishful thinking for the truth of universe. No, those are not signs of faith.

Then imagine, your image in heaven, and will it let you turn towards sins for all the gifts you have given it? Then imagine your image that’s burning in the hell, will it forgive you and leave you to do something good in the world when you left it to suffer in hell?

Find God, if you are looking for God within, if you are not, find something else of virtue and let it pave way for you. Good goals in life never fail you, in one way or another, for following them they hail you. We praise God who praises us? Our good goals. There’s a virtue in being positive, in being bright. There’s a virtue in being creative.

Books are something open reads, that in covers, is afraid to be exposed.

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