Cyber Defense

If America wants supremacy and integrity of its constitution and ideals, it must develop elite cyber defence capability. The adversaries do not have higher cyber skills but dedicated cyber teams, resources prioritizing hacking to influence foreign affairs. Misinformation is the greatest challenge this century must face, and equally dedicated plus constantly evolving cyber defense is […]

Random Things, Feelings Thought, Thinking Sings

“March of Freedom, Walk of Fame, what is it to you, if both serve some good and serve the same? Better than lock of freedom cause that’s just lame.” I have said before and I will say it again, I am niether Democrat or republican, my heart is all American. Kentucky and Virginia, just for […]

The Feat Filter

The scriptures tell you of a judgement day, but in science it is known as the great filter. Millions things that press humanity today, the entire world in shambles, and all the issues you know, are real, nonetheless excuses pushing humankind towards backwardness. Beyond whatever is to come, human race will survive, but in these […]

Tweets: Popped up edition

Slavery is a curse. Especially if it is religious. True believers venture against all sorts of slavery, not just one. (You know, the world’s looking for a capable life guard marines… Sanna Marines everywhere) And as we’ve seen, slavery never falls away from corruption. No true religion ever arose against another religion, only corruption. Corruption: […]

Follow advice of doctors

In countries where virus hasn’t peaked, wearing mask the best remedy until vaccine has been developed. Follow the advise of scientists, and politicians who tell you to wear a mask. The best of mankind, is kind. We are not always kind, but knowing kindness is the best is a virtue in itself. We don’t have […]

The feeling of kneeling

When we can nothing, we kneel either to show solidarity, or so skies can hear us, or to show our powerlessness in the face of long standing struggles. Kneel and pray or bow and pray, cup our hands together or join them together, but these expressions have a say. Something must change. Their voices must […]