The Message of Pope

On tour to Japan, the Pope stressed that ties between Buddhists and Christans be strengthened and as Buddhism preaches, peace is the utmost requirement for peace and progress.

Apostolic Journey is carrying out message of the Gospel to the world. Those who believe the world was made through Genesis and those who believe that life was just a miracle, then let’s agree that life is Miracle.

The Gospel is saying today exactly what the Pope is saying. Let them come together who are closer, so those who are farther, can be brought closer to the loop.

It is through these good accords and message of reconciliation and reformation that Church or any other faith is formed.

Our desire to defend ourselves should never become our curse. Countries today and tomorrow will be known for per Capita, not GDP. A structured society is well cultured with futuristic ideals with long terms goals in mind.

It is a said fact, the most ancient way of life still faces persecution in many corners around the world. Nonetheless, the message remains the same.

Peace through charity, Justice and freedom being forms of charity. Peace is not empty dialogue, it is a sacred goal, not a profession or ways to earn money. Justice is the center of peace, and in matters of peace we are all supposed to be charitable. If working for peace, some give money to keep peace and some take money to keep peace, then the cause of peace is lost to the game of peace. It should not be so. Justice and freedom are essential part of peace.

Those who cannot donate with money, must donate to peace by promoting a culture of freedom within, do justice to the society in which nations lacking freedom yearn to breathe. Nations can donate to the cause of peace in many ways, money is one, but justice and freedom can do reforms to the whole more than money can.

Pope touched a very sensitive topic, but also a necessary one. What good are climate marches when one nuclear pushes the world so back that penalties on carbon emissions and other climate effort become fruitless.

As long as there are nuclear arms, the world will never be safe and ensuring a global nuclear ban, honoring international accords on nuclear energy is the only way to ensure it. However, it is never one way road, all must come together. Understand, charity, justice freedom go together, so ransom cultures must end, and non-nuclear proliferation all must embrace.

Vienna was a global accord, the agency wasn’t built in secret, all the nations of the world were invited to avert the menaces of nuclear power. Nuclear science has positive prospects, it is harnessed for purposes we are rarely aware of. To harness nuclear energy for good of humanity was the goal of the atomic commission, if the platform is continued to ignored, then the world is at forever greater risk. Those lacking justice and freedom within complain of justice and freedom without? When it comes to global peace cause, conditioning only makes peace narrative worse.

The commission is internationally organized body, it is neutral, doing its duties. It can’t be pressed or hijacked. It shouldn’t be, won’t be allowed to. It is a faith-neutral, common-sense zone. Well aware of its global policy and duties to the world.

The commission can only perform well when its efforts to use nuclear science for benefit of mankind is acknowledge around the world. The hours in Vienna wasted at preventing misuse of nuclear power can otherwise be saved and invested in nuclear science and energy goals, even in countries created problem for the nuclear commission.

I have been afraid to say, but no one knows intention of the Christan world better than Japan. Pope represents the message of peace the best, in capacity of faith, and the need to reform is ever greatest between nations that have been farthest apart. If the message of Peace emerges from America, it always comes first to Japan before going to any other country.

When two strangers become friends the world goes two leaps forward, but when adversaries become friends, the world goes four leaps forward. The global culture that both nations are trying to establish today, neither America nor Japan can be father from the truth. The 32nd Apostolic journey was the first visit in decades to Japan. Now the cords are established and good will is found, this bonds will last.

Japan is the pride of east and a center of peace, it has a great role to play in international affairs. We hope that Shinto-Buddhism and Catholic-Socialism will find ever more growing causes to work together upon, and Christanity will be forever engraved in Buddhism, as Buddhism, in Christanity.

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