WAY: Where Are You?

WAY: Where Are You? I ask the same question you ask, just standing in a different place and a different level. Truth has no religion, we do for our choices. What does it matter, if purpose is good, good shall lead. Index is good. β€œYour bond with words is the most lasting one and it […]


There is no better way of saying that we are humble than this. We are stardust. I hold no grudge against any religion. All religions matter, all lives matter. All black lives matter. More moderate and science-first societies, that’s where we should be heading. Equality across the gradient is a dream, equality of voices and […]

The Message of Pope

On tour to Japan, the Pope stressed that ties between Buddhists and Christans be strengthened and as Buddhism preaches, peace is the utmost requirement for peace and progress. Apostolic Journey is carrying out message of the Gospel to the world. Those who believe the world was made through Genesis and those who believe that life […]

Congrats Mexico!

AMLO, you deserve the moment of glory. Enjoy it brother. It feels so good that our neighbors beat us in baseball. Literally the game that puts home in our home runs. Mexico make scores, still home runs. Thank you, Tokyo for being such an amazing host. Let see what Bible has to say. So while […]

Jerusalem, Washington DC

The crown of Mecca remains in Mecca, the crown of thorns has moved from Jerusalem (but the last Jewish resort will be protected) to Wahington… and all the places where there is number 10. Goes to all the places where Thorns need to protect its roses, no need to name those countries, kingdoms, sultanats and […]

State of Affairs 01

We appreciate the efforts of the white house, letting the kudish civilians reach safety. Folks, I know they are not Christans, but let’s not compromise loyalties, friendships and promises Americans make. Muslims are on their own to figure out their tribal or religious mess, just let the US, EU, and UK not catch the blames […]

For God Goodness

All this hatred against Christanity, all these immorality and divisions, all the disinformation and thorns in the path of good causes and humanity, you as people of Church are also responsible for it. For when Jesus claimed your sins and you came into his home, you also became owners of the home and claimed sins […]