Jerusalem, Washington DC

The crown of Mecca remains in Mecca, the crown of thorns has moved from Jerusalem (but the last Jewish resort will be protected) to Wahington… and all the places where there is number 10. Goes to all the places where Thorns need to protect its roses, no need to name those countries, kingdoms, sultanats and […]

State of Affairs 01

We appreciate the efforts of the white house, letting the kudish civilians reach safety. Folks, I know they are not Christans, but let’s not compromise loyalties, friendships and promises Americans make. Muslims are on their own to figure out their tribal or religious mess, just let the US, EU, and UK not catch the blames […]

Soch ko ezat do

inki zabaan may baat tu karun par in may chhupay chhor hawas ko alooda kartay hain. fikaron bayaan kya ha, salmaano so sadion samajh na painge. Inka deen inhain kaisi bandish may rakhta ha k khuda ki khauj he insay chheen laita ha. musalmaano k mu na hotay tu ye log boht agay jatay. lakin […]

Saeen raakhay bolo hoga jholi bhar day khuda

amreeki hun kis shehr say aya hun ye mat pochh amareekhi hun asmano may basay humari gonj ae mareekha amreekha teri taraf aakhir aega mujhay aaj taal kar day wo kal kisa tujhey sunaiga bari dastaan ha, batanay say nahe ghat’ti soch hum shehray fitrat say hain fitrat onchi hamari mauj ae kafalai darkhashaa tu […]

Take my hand but use thy hands

Hallelujah. How much are we going to dance on the shoulders of one Neil Armstrong. Christians need more people out there. I mean I would be really happy if people of other faith beat us in science because victory of science is always everyone’s victory. Every piece of innovation, no one faith enjoyed alone. In […]

Just One Letter to the True King

Just, fair, righteous. That’s the name of an up-bringer. God gave his voice the jury and balance, lives surrounded by beauties with millions of dollars in his bank balance, so soft in his manners, so obedience and such an opposer of nonchalance. All the girls want him, but on his scooter he goes to church, […]

Jesus has walked with every faith

230 AD. A Roman walks up to a christian who preached faith and told him, “all this preaching, you just want to prove yourself.” The preacher replied, “everybody is here on earth to prove something. What are you here to do on earth, sell mud?” The Roman asked, “strange fella, what do you have to […]