Q46.9: Foundation stone of Baha’i’slam

Say, (to the followers of Quran) “I am not something original among the messengers, nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow that which is revealed to me, and I am not but a clear warner.” ALKF469.

Here’s your foundation stone before all Muslims that no Muslim can deny. ALKF469 is your cue. In which ALiF spoke truth of continuity.

Perhaps Mahdi returned as Bahaullah, no one believed him when it was all for Islam and prosperity if faith, beliefs that were more universal. Born on November 1817, he gathered truer doctrines of Islam and tried to collect people in wider concepts of universalism.

Dear people of Baha’i faith, in you there is hopes that remnants of Islam and what it once carried will be valued and preserved.

I have a good Idea how you are under stress just like the Qadiani. But those who keep faith, prosper.

It looks like Mahdi did come to you, landed exactly in Persian lands, preached the message of God through prophethood. But to those in whose eyes the needle of prophecy stings did not get the message. It is amazing even Iran couldn’t recognize the Mahdi they so pray for, and when he came to them they persecuted their own Messiah.

So for how long will it happen that roots of universalism will continue to emerge and bashed down by local views. All the faiths are local to this life, forged around manners preached and taught, religions become cultures, and cultures become dominant over one another for their appeal.

Expectations often become disappointment back and forth. The fantasy that Islam taught, will never come to happen, cause Islam has to produce two messiahs of equal caliber not just one. And the world waiting for a savior can only serve one at a time. That’s been the history of prophethood.

Muslims expected Bahaullah Mahdi to spread their faith when faith itself needed saving from what it had become. Google Bahaullah quotes. After reading his qoutes, you come to have respect for Mahdi and who he was.

Dear of Baha’i faith, it looks like Islam missed out on their savior, had Islam listened to Bahaullah, things would have been different today. Bahaullah was true Abdullah, and now Islam, like a mother who runs madly here and there looking for its baby that died, thinks there’s a chance he’ll return from the death.

“The Earth is one country, mankind it’s citizens. Let your vision be world embracing than confined to your own self. It is not to pride himself, who loves his country, but who loves the world. So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world. In the gardens of my heart, plant not but the rose of love.”

So for Bhahaiyans, congrats, you got the Abdullah right, and to Muslims, Guys, what would followers of Abnullah ever want to do something with you, when your own Abdullah you couldn’t recognize and value. Search for Bahaullah qoutes.

Mahdi came to town that praised him the most wearing upon himself name of Hussayn, and Ali Nuri. People who call themselves Mirza are often known to excel in knowledge and manners. You couldn’t recognize the leader amidst you, but Christans smelled their kind on planet Mars. Problem of radical Islam is objections to universalism, and approval of internationalism not in practice. Hopefully, Mecca will improve. Either Bahaullah was Mahdi, or there was no Mahdi. Mecca keeps the crown, that’s sure, but now things won’t be the same. Conviction rests with Christans.

It’s always hard to tell the truth of Islam, only because Islam is not looking for truth, it is looking for its expansion.

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