Christanity is more interfaith than you think

In Christanity, you’ll find Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and all the forms of spiritualism, if you’ll focus, in a lonesome corner and let yourself connect with your soul, in the silence, away from the world.

If you are a Christian, time’s your best friend. The bar of society and traditionalism will always make you think, God and time is doing this to you, that trouble you are going through.

God only created things so they can find their natural motion and flow in that direction. Nothing is yours if you do not have your originality. In your authentic self, God has placed everything that’s meant for you.

Live free from gender conflict because God gives you love in both masculine and feminine faces. All are creatures of God and God doesn’t distinguish between them based on any difference other than moral authority of their characters.

Moral authority is something much different from authority of power and privilege. It is a gemstone in this world, in the next, it is a mountain of gold.

Confusion is enemy of faith, and only your best doubts can tell you that. A pure realization of moral authority. If you are vigilant, the devil is underneath you. If you are vibrant, darkness is underneath you.

As Christians, you are not only a nation but a very strong order. Realize the power of your order and no force on earth can ever overcome you. And you belong to God of law and order, not chaos.

Patches of faith, around the globe, trying to fill empty space in between. Growing with not only numbers but attitude as well. You are moving forward. Words take you beyond doubts. You are all pulled by attractions. The gravity that’s in Christianity, you can only dream to find in any other faith.

You are not white or black, Asians, Americans or Australians. You are Christians. God gave his true faith the power of natural distribution, in every landscape you’ll find sunlight and shades of faith pointing towards its truth.

Christianity is more interfaith than you think, it only differs where free will, choice, and faith freedom is in question. Verily, a just thing to do.

People can easily become victim of marketed things. Then never come to Christanity until you are hundred percent sure. And when you’ll come to become Christan, you’ll still be the same person. But you’ll find a hook that’ll always keep you anchored to your spirit and soul. God bless. Gracious.

Last but not the least, how Christanity is more interfaith than you think? Give an opportunity to a Christan who is not minority, one who is in a free land among his people, he will prove it to you, both theoretically, and practically as well.

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