Science Tweets

You know, every time you gotta talk about cars, you gotta thank Germany first for giving us Germs for speed and comfort. Ford revolutionized auto industry, and Tesla brought Toyota tradition home, to make cheaper, cooler cars. Let’s hit the engine of science tweets!

When you put Texan trucks in Californian wheels. The new breed of cars don’t walk on roads, they walk on ramps.

This is called offroading, doing things in not usual way but you may not like it if you are afraid to get your toes wet. Respect. These boots are bite of New Zealand in America.

This is MASA… I mean NASA in Style

This is MASA… I mean NASA in style

Cause science is under no obligation to make sense to you.

You either accept universal facts or you don’t become light, odorless atom number one to make a statement in the world.

Cause Only idiots gets flat tires when it comes to climate change and only stupid can hear call of prayer on the moon through the visor.

Keep breaking records people, I’m loving these records, I’m mean archives.

Work with dedication, let the success talk.

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