Rigidity and Rules, Kindness and Cools

Padre, you are right and just in all your saying and accords. You live in a free and blessed world. Everything is possible in the lands of freedom. Everything. Where freedom doesn’t rule, not so much. You can’t say in those places that everything is possible. I know I am a bad minister of Jesus, padre, you are my confession room. I come to confess. I feel my rigidness, nonetheless, only that which is required of me. On one side is false religion, on the other side is God. Where do I go? I come to you like a child, like you are an elder, like someone my own. An affection father figure.

I may or may not agree with everything Jeremy has to say, but what matters is that we are free to express, and that never changes in this family. We are the ones making Jesus Cartoons. He never came to tell us making his cartoons is good or bad, but has consensus cause knowing Jesus we already know, Jesus wouldn’t mind. Do your do Jeremy, as a modern preacher brother. What is Jesus that is Jesus described completely, we are all trying to just redefine virtue in modern era. Guys like you are moderators of Christan community. Truth never changes, how it applies does. You are the new faces of modern priests. This is Christanity Today. Change and transformation is the only things that’s constant. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a happy evolution. 🙂

I confess to you because I trust you, even if you will take a knife and ask me for sacrifice, I’ll follow you with my eyes close.

Tell me padre, in softness if I lose the exact lessons that you are teaching right now, what good is that softness to me? I’m not over-protective of Christan nation, but I am very protective of places where actual and practical things really emerge, that’s damn right the truth.

Speaking to your words, it feels like I’m a teenager. I can spill everything, tell you everything. Talking to you never feels like a crime, you are not just my faith keeper, but of my nation, you are (goal keeper and wicket keeper 😉 keeper of truth. Why would I tell you the other thing? I am sorry padre, if I sound too harsh. I never intend to. I confess to God in my privacy, He has all the answers. How do I drink away your doubts and reservations, sometimes, time just wakes up to the truth. Steadfastness is required more, facing the truth becomes necessary. You know Bible is glossary of many things, but I look at copied books misguiding and teaching harsh and cruel lessons to their children, I just want people of Christ to be just as much guarded, so no one can ever loot them without them knowing. Every book outside Genesis is like change, for Genesis is Gold. Those who take from it, steal from it, shouldn’t tell us that they can steal it and we won’t know. If they want to keep the change, they should at least offer to return, we get to say that keep the change.

Padre, trust me, all the respect that you get is your own doing and your own words. I have no role to play in it. Just like those who are going in opposite direction are following their false ways and I have no role to play in it. Choices padre, choices are power. “Choice is authority.”

Padre, every time someone backs down due to injustice, it opens doors to injustice to another person. One backs down, other takes hit. Without resistance, things only keep getting worse. And knowledge padre, it is the only things that keeps the world uplifted. There should always be more of the people who help this world forward than those who drag it backward. And sometimes, it just means saying no to injustices.

Padre, when Christ left, hanging on the Cross, people behind him suffered unspeakable atrocities. He forbid people from picking up swords, for kindness and truth is the best shield. False religion, this is what they do to people, rigidity, they fill up minds just too much padre, just too much. I have been to the depths of darkness, wanting to study something of science, they dragged me towards politics, religious lies and what not?

Their wold is possessed by everything that hurts your brain, your beliefs and your hearts. There’s no soft touch in their teachings or anything. I sorrow for their children, they do not, I feel mercy for them, they do not. They are downright lost too deep, so many sins, no one can sweep, so many lies, no one can stitch, so much false, they never hear the calls.

You keep the smile padre, that I can’t smile in this life time. I save it, for my people, one day I’ll smile the smile, and there will be no soul upon earth that won’t see it. Everyone will see that padre, everyone.

Once a great scientist told me, you can only kiss yourself on the mirror only on your lips. I heard sadness in songs of a black man, asking all the questions, knowing he was asking me, and I kept looking at my index finger.

Dec. 22, 2003, my first Lucid Dream. HD Ass, star gazer!

The power of index finger padre, and when it points towards someone, however evil the laughter may be, it slowly chokes the air out of evil. In index is codex of kal el, message and fedex of church, medex. Index is dextro of church, always to the right, always about righteousness. Not political right padre, our faith is very left wing, our visions are not left or right, but straight path. In dex is our Amphetamine padre, a central nervous system stimulant that is used in the treatment of attention deficit. (anyways, I don’t wanna get in the nerdy shit. Sorry for the abuse word, but there will always be a humble in me, there will always be a Canadian in me.)

Niceness, is never lost. If one’s niceness harm’s oneself that’s okay, but if hurts other people too, that’s not okay padre. That’s not okay. Don’t worry padre, have faith. Those setting up minefield in the path of church will be dumbfounded themselves, lies blow themselves away, these suicide bombs, ask padre, in what situation they put living human beings to commit such monstrosity? So I thank you, for the amazing gift of Christmas that you gave Christan nation. Faith is not a function that falls one day and rises next day. It is something constant, like change is constant.

Look Padre, these are the actual achievements, like forbidding child marriages, Christans are always making progress, where it matters. A few things you do not see, and I know well, how towards only good end they lead. These are the actual faces of Christan victory. Time is the ultimate truth teller, of everything.

Truth padre, is not connected to Jesus, it is connected to time, this universe, and she keeps his truth, time keeps his path enlightened, sweeps the ways as his spirit walks. For me, it will be one life time’s story, the tale of the truth is much bigger than us. We live, in a very big story. As big, as this universe. Our truth is not lost padre, reality can be blinding, world can be blinding, give blinding light to those who have lived in darkness, they get light-struck. Patience padre, has always been, our greatest resort.

Padre, archangels are such, doesn’t matters how the truth is manipulated, they can gather it and put it back in a day that’s be broken and divided for ages. Our angels, they do not put on your ears, they put in your heart. You think Christans are losing faith? Oh padre, the blind nation’s put so much and gone to limits, trying to convince one which they deny. I get amazed, as if they have no truth, like it is a ghost town, where no actual presence of people but robots. Lessons, just too harsh, too unbearable.

That is why Christanity is a choice padre, people do not believe in the power of choice, cause humanity doesn’t have the slightest idea, what choices can accomplish. I promise you padre, as long as Christanity is faith of choice, as long as there’s freedom to leave it, doesn’t matter when you’ll measure the truth in the future, there’ll always be more believers than deniers.

The false prophet tried to be my father. He is nothing like my father, he is nothing like God. The true benefactor continues to live in secrets and mysteries, the one Holy Godfather, the voice in the backside of my head. That just calls me home, that calls everyone home.

The people of false religion, are like drama. They want the world to be spectators while they rip it apart and do their will, their false will. Always beating about the bush, nothing real to offer. The faith that I preach padre, is the one I receive, the one I get. The kindest one. It is the utmost that I’ve seen, it is the most clear of all things known to my conscious.

Take a good look at a country like Japan padre. And no one can say that Jesus ever been there. In so many ways, in so many ways that now I see, it never looks like Jesus has them not. Jesus was with them in spirit, all along. Their ways, commitments, hard work, cleanliness. I hesitate to see it for I fear people might misjudge my intent again, like people of false religion do. A place where I have never been, but it begins with a Capital J. Like this world is a map and when navigate and towards rises I pan, it is always Japan. There’s is nothing we can ever gift to Japan, God gifted them the gate of the sun, from which they see it emerge first, catch those rays first, the whole world only catches them later. How the sun of God’s not been to Japan, it’s always first to catch the most beautiful view. That’s where the light goes to salute first, awaken and raise them, love and praise them, a beautiful harmony has always them.

So pray padre, it’s been only two years since I’ve known the world gracious. The shoes of gratitude that I’m in, are never small for me. Ever.

I thank American Jewish Community, for standing up and speaking for RBG. She’s like the justice, of Red Blue Green, in a heavenly order. I know trapped in selfish causes, they never report how Jewish people are serving liberalism, equality and justice, but their own ideals are question in their face. I am proud of all the Jews and all those venturing against corruption. Stay safe, stay together, and stay, always strong.

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