Free will is the charm, selfishness is a curse.

Pope Francis, I know your concerns. That the church would decay without evangelization.
That’s because the nation of faith that’s essentially become a lock, won’t speak up for faults within and have essentially become zombies. They have no perspective whatsoever what their faith and beliefs are doing in the world.

Let me tell you what Christanity is doing. It is giving the people the choice, making free will the most sacred scroll and translates nothing but both the will of God and man, that’s true in itself.

Growth of that faith is nothing different from growth of a dark blob that expands and traps souls inside it. And on the surface it seems so harmless that laws of their religious republics never seem to matter. It is because it hurts their own integrity ten times more than any other faith.

What did I tell you, don’t say truth and lies, say truth and Dominos. Believing one God, what is I if not oneness. Today the world is in chaos but fathers has left humanity to decide its own fate.

I used to think upon the causes that are bigger than stories of might give them a wake up call, bit they are hell bent on discovering their truth of afterlife in the afterlife, when in this universe are countless signs.

As if God became angry with humanity for killing his son, and sent faith of locks to destroy humanity, it’s colors and cultures, and capture humanity into the darkness of dictatorships.

These locks, in their carious ways are trying to world a hostage, so wars they fight one another, are blamed upon others. So if Europe in its entirety was Christan it would have been understandable for them to point fingers at Europe or UK, but they push EU, a college of high wits, through Iran’s nuclear threats and Turkeys immigration threats.

They don’t get it with leaving inadequacies in their faith they’ll keep dragging the burden of curse that nonfreedom, censorship, and lawlessness is.

Pope, there are international laws, and there are laws of heaven. If this is universe of God I know, truth can’t be undone, only humanity as a whole or partially will undo itself. Where knowledge and senses prevail Utopias are naturally formed, where there are restrictions, locks and laws to prevent innovation there is nothing but issues building up over issues and lies covering lies.

So I tell you, between followers of the cross and crescent, it is antisemitism that we must focus on. We must develop care and respect for the rare and diverse. For Christan world, by the grace of God, is heavy by numbers and strength, I is our minorities, minorities of others that we must care about.

It is obvious if faith of locks couldn’t overcome it’s inadequacies, it will put the whole world into turmoil. So I await, just like the rest of us, for the beholders of locks to make a decision so rash, reasonless and insensitive that the world will become clear beyond doubt that that religion is clear threat to the world, where it is, cause those areas where it is not, is are already beginning to shrink.

We as people of faith believe in God, and if there’s a God, only truth shall stand victorious and glorious. I do see what’s happening all around the world and it looks like a power higher than humanity observes every nation. That what people of countries are doing to wash away menaces of injustice, undue control and greed away from them. As if we don’t know what will happen, but whatever will come to pass, the Almighty hand will cast upon us all after seeing that who among us are hopeful and hopeless.

Worry not about Church, worry about the well being of its people. I tell you, this is an age where just as much saying that ‘why Christanity is shrinking in the world’ or ‘why Islam is seeing its last’ presented in news titles is affecting how the world thinks. We are increasing reading headlines more and details less. I used to be afraid of this fact. But I had to surrender to the truth. That doesn’t matter what happens, three things can’t hide for long, the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Pope, through these days you’ll wake up one day thinking the world is rebuilding itself, and on the other that this is the end. No doubt, the ultimate fate is a function of how people are invested doing good and contemptible. For this is in fact a great time of tribulations for the humanity and our conscious is being heavily scrutinized and challenged. So naturally isn’t truth the driving force behind all of this? I believe it is the truth, the one that’s not just way to good things in this world but the world to come as well. Those of faith, believers, doesn’t matter what faith, are all witnessing a time where we are all being tested against temptation of money, fear of power, and attraction if hatred. But I have seen one curse that prevails them are, ruling everything today to undo humanity. Selfishness.

The world today, is at a great test, going through probation, and it is all centered around selfishness. So ask yourself as a leader of church, not just Catholics but Protestants, Orthodox and all the others (because they respect you), will Christans become self and copy those who copy us, or will we hold foundation stone of faith, free will, above ourselves.

The world is running somewhere, trying to get somewhere, world hasn’t seen the return, and the return that will be, ours back to God, and his back to us. This generation and this age, will return to where it belongs, its due place in the history. This is a batch, and we ate taking the lights that belong to heaven back with us. So those fighting for all the human rights all over the world, the blessed most are those, who are fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of voices, and freedom of faith. Does that not bother people, to think and know that freedom of faith and voices speak for another?

Father, I we honored free will today, that’s the birth right of every child, God will bless Christanity through time with a blessing, that not just faiths, but even science can only dream of. I wish the king himself was here, but the father, the son, and the holy spirit has only representatives. Just like we mixed up flesh for spirit when the father spoke through son, we might yet again mix up when as the son speaks through a friend. Jesus is standing there in the future, in the heaven, calling us all to take his hand, come home and cone to senses. Why would I deprive myself from perks of being Jesus, why would I lie? But I can’t fill his shoes after knowing the truth. That I am just his apostle, like all the other proohets were his apostle. Just because the spirit is giving and gives without measure, it doesn’t mean I take advantage of something Holy.

Holy. That word. I have cone to understand it more and what it is. A spirit that’s unlike us, a guiding truth that exists in all living, speaks in some more and some less. Unless them, our ways is not confusing people but give them clarity. If I am a prophet what good is my prophethood that won’t speak for truth and justice, if I am an apostle, what good is my apostleship it won’t speak for senses.

Father, I am a mortal, what good is my mortality if it won’t speak for humanity and the love of God. For I am mortal but I know He is not. I will cease but He will go on.

So should I claim that Bible is perfection, like that book that says has inside it the name of God, book, day and pretends to know everything, or would I rather say that I don’t know is better to say, that God knows more than. Bible or any book in the history does, that God is the only manifest truth of whom we are the images, holograms. Yes, father, we are hollow like our hollow grams, for only God is solid in his conviction who rules heaven, hell, Earth and the judgement day even now as we speak, for nor time can hold him nor space, but his grace can only be accommodated in the smallness of a humble heart.

Those who say Bible is wrong has taken their book and prophet for God. So we must stick to what is above us, fear God, contortion, and desecration of truth. The sacred truth. The Holy truth.

Father, Pope, selfishness is the ultimate test of time and sacrifices are the only cure. Forget not that we are Christans, it is through us that God proclaim humanity as His children, His people. When I think of about it, it scares me, the wrath of God and the fact that selfishness knows no age. And look how children are maturing up at such small ages, asking questions that only adults should be asking. As if God has awakened the conscious that’s not breastfeeding, and forced is to know the world, so the innocence can be saved from indecence, whether it exists in a child or an elder.

Father, in this age I would be very afraid of what I am leaving the children to believe with. So I believe, in the son of God, and I leave the world to believe in the power of free will, choice, and decision of faith and life, that they should make for themselves. That choices in life that pay for enlightenment in this world and salvation in the next, are so important that even God won’t touch them just so humanity can have its way. Not men or women, not black, brown or white. Humanity.

It is better that Christans for Christans to become as few as Jew, then grow like a plague that never wonders about itself, never cares about what others think. For what is it worth, those who undermine Christanity has a mighty number to face, when they couldn’t even dominate the Jews after all the hatred they spread against them, how will they ever convert Hindus or Bhudhist. For I, if I wasn’t Christan, would have been a Bhudhist.

Free will is the charm, selfishness is a curse. This is the lesson of this faith, this age and this century, for centuries to come.

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